Condom In A Nutshell

Yes! It's a Real Condom Inside A Real Hazelnut!

These nuts look so real, your friends won't be able to tell the difference. Fun at parties, work, or just about anywhere. Get them to crack it open and out pops a REAL CONDOM!!

Made in the USA

Condoms in a Nutshell are perfect novelties for parties.

Questions? Call +1 616 261 5151

Disclaimer: The Condom In A Nutshell is a novelty item ONLY! This product is not meant to be eaten or used as a contraceptive.

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Priced by Quantity

12-50 Condom Nuts = $2.00ea + $5 S&H
51 or more = $1.75ea + $8 S&H

US Orders Only

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I will be on vacation from February 22nd to March 9th.
You can still place orders at that time.
I will send your order out when I get back on
March 11th.

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